Systems Unlimited, Inc

Plans called for the construction of a new 33,000 square foot service center for Systems Unlimited Incorporated, an organization serving the needs of the developmentally disabled in a 29 county, 45 city area. The building was planned with staff and consumer input, and entailed job training and family services support on ground level, counseling and supported living functions on level two.

Sustainable Elements

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Some of the key strategies/elements in this project are: super insulation, heat recovery, enhanced indoor air quality, daylighting, and water conservation. An innovative combination of geothermal source, dedicated outdoor air, and radiant heating and cooling provides superior energy conservation.

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  • Provide bicycle storage, showers and changing rooms to encourage the use of alternative transportation.
  • Reduce site disturbance; maintain open space.
  • Manage storm water rate, quantity and treatment.
  • Reduce heat island effect: minimize building footprint, reduce area of paved surface, increased ground cover, high albedo concrete, high emissivity roofing.
  • Reduce environmental light pollution: design and location of windows, shielded and full cut off exterior luminaries.
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  • Use no potable water for landscaping.
  • Reduce water use by 30%: low gallon per flush water closets and urinals, electronic flush & faucet sensors, low flow shower heads.
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  • Optimize energy performance, innovative hybrid HVAC combining geothermal loop field, heat pumps, radiant panels for heating and cooling, variable speed motors and heat recovery units.
  • Increase thermal resistance (R value) at building envelope, eliminate thermal breaks, increase wall and roof insulation.
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  • Reduce ozone depletion, no materials or substances with CFCs, HCFCs or Halons.
  • Recycled content, specify materials so that sum of recycled equals at least 10% of total values of all building materials.
  • Local/regional materials use minimum of 20% of building materials and products manufactured within 500 mile radius.
Expand/Collapse sectionIndoor Environmental Quality
  • Meets ASHRAE ventilation requirements 62-1999.
  • Zero exposure to tobacco smoke.
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring.
  • Air change effectiveness greater than 0.9 per ASHRAE 129-1997.
  • Construction indoor air quality management plan.
  • Low emitting materials, low VOC content in paints, carpet, composite woods.
  • Control indoor chemicals and pollutant source: walk off mats, separate and ventilate areas where chemical use occurs.
  • Indoor environmental quality: thermal comfort complies with ASRAE 55-1992.
  • Daylighting: daylight factor of 2% in 75% of all space occupied for critical visual tasks.