Architectural Consulting
Architect | John F. Shaw AIA, LEED AP, INC is a full-service architectural firm engaged in the general practice of architecture. We have the capacity to complete projects of nearly every type and scope. Socially responsible, sustainable, and exciting architecture is our specialty.
Renovation | Reuse
Recycling on a grand scale - If the existing space is to be reinvented as a new and previously unanticipated use, or if the space merely requires reorganization and new finishes, we have the necessary experience and vision.
Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation contributes to the value of property, the health of our communities, the integrity of our neighborhoods, the sustainability of our environment, and the quality of our culture. Per the Secretary of the Interior's Standards, we have accomplished the restoration of a number of structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We are expertly qualified.
Program Analysis
Program Analysis will establish project type, gather relevant information, determine quantitative requirements, and suggest ways and means to accomplish the identified goals and objectives.
Site Evaluation
Climate, environment, soils, topography, utilities, jurisdiction, history, intended use, context, and aesthetics – these define the use, value, and viability of a specific property for a specific use.
Interior Design
We work with our client to determine space needs, locate equipment, assist in the selection of furnishings, and calibrate interior lighting. We advise in the coordination of color, texture, and consistency of materials.
Engineering Services
Engineering services are provided in collaboration with independent professional engineers selected for and best suited to the specific task. These include Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Geo-Technical Engineering.
Energy Use Studies
Building energy use modeling, operating and maintenance cost projections, and life cycle investment payback analyses are offered in collaboration with our mechanical and electrical engineers.
Green Rating Certification
Green rating systems differ significantly in scope, focus, application, and purpose. We will be happy to help choose and implement the appropriate measure of green.
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